Friday, April 27, 2012

RJ's Sullivan's eBook Short Story Backstage Pass Available Today on Kindle and Nook!

RJ's Sullivan's eBook Short Story Backstage Pass Available Today on Kindle and Nook!

The latest addition to the Seventh Star Singles collection, and the first of the Rebecca Burton Short Stories, Backstage Pass by R.J. Sullivan is available on Kindle and Nook for just 99 cents!

In Backstage Pass, 80's pop singer Fiddle Dee-Dee is decades past the peak of her popularity. But when she's tragically killed at the hands of a psychopath, one of her most loyal fans, Jared Price, makes a deal to channel dark magic and risk everything to help her. Can he change the past and prevent the tragedy?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Steven Shrewsbury's Overkill Available on Kindle!

Steven Shrewsbury's Overkill is now available in Kindle format, becoming the fourth eBook title featuring Gorias La Gaul with the novel Thrall and the short stories Insurmountable, and Author and Finisher of Our Flesh.

Click here to go directly to the Kindle Store to pick up Overkill today!  Just $2.99!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Steven Shrewsbury's Overkill Blog Tour Starts Today!

Find out today how Gorias La Gaul came by that legendary dragon armor, as he tells you himself over at Watch Play Read!

Visit the following link today, and get ready to enjoy all 25 days of the Steven Shrewsbury Overkill Blog Tour!

Then, pick up Overkill in softcover, now available at all sites like, or there is still time to preorder the limited hardcover edition from Seventh Star Press directly!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Free on Kindle! Jackie Gamber's YA fantasy novel Sela!

Wednesday and Thursday only,  Jackie Gamber’s YA Fantasy novel Sela is being made available for absolutely free on’s Kindle by Seventh Star Press!   The follow-up to Redheart in the Leland Dragon Series, Sela is a fast-paced novel filled with vibrant characters, mystery, a unique approach to dragons, and an underlying heart that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages, even as a stand-alone title.  The winner of the 2009 Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Award for Imaginative Fiction, Jackie Gamber’s series has met with a warm and enthusiastic reception from reviewers and readers alike, and those just discovering her can embark without delay on a grand adventure entirely for free with the Amazon Kindle version available at

Don't wait, pick up your free copy of Sela today and be sure to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and all of your social media!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thank You and Welcome Regarding the Michael West Poseidon's Children Kindle Outreach

Thank you and Welcome Regarding the Poseidon's Children Kindle Outreach Last Week

We just wanted to post a note to thank all of the individuals who helped in spreading the word on Michael West's Poseidon's Children Kindle promotion this past week, and also to welcome the new readers that are just now discovering Michael and Seventh Star Press.

From the blog review sites, to the readers, our Seventh Star Saints, and others who responded and spread the links, a BIG thank you!  The outreach was a tremendous success and a great many new readers will get a chance to try out Michael's work for themselves.

We invite the new readers to connect further with Seventh Star Press.  If you are on Facebook, we have a recently started forum group called the Seventh Star Soundoff where you can hang out and interact with the authors, editors, and artists of Seventh Star Press, as well as readers, bloggers, and more great folks.  Be sure to add the official Facebook fan page, and also add us on Twitter.

The links to all three places are:

Seventh Star Soundoff (Facebook group)
Seventh Star Press Fan Page on Facebook
Seventh Star Press on Twitter

And don't forget, if you enjoy Michael's work, be sure to pick up a copy of Cinema of Shadows, one of Michael's fantastic horror novels based around the town of Harmony, Indiana.  Just $2.99 on Kindle, just click the link below:

Cinema of Shadows on Kindle.

Thursday, April 12, 2012



By John F. Allen

When I was a child, my grandmother told me one day, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” At first I didn’t understand what she meant. Later, as I got a little older I refused to believe her, and was determined to prove her wrong. Finally, when I began focusing on my career as a writer, I accepted her nugget of knowledge as fact, and learned to embrace it for the truth it is. However, if the above observation is true, then what makes any story different from the next?

The answer…


As most fiction writers will agree, we are products of our environment and individual life experiences and therefore, it stands to reason that many of the seeds for our story plots originate from said life experiences. This can be from what we’ve dealt with on a personal level, what we’ve heard from others, or seen around us including—but, certainly not limited to—what we’ve watched on television, read in books or learned in school. These personal life experiences give our stories a unique flavor which cannot be exactly cloned due to the intricate variables in our individual lives.
I believe that there is a collective consciousness which extends to us all, as we tap into our imaginations and creativeness. We must also accept the fact that the possibilities for formulating scenarios involving larger than life creatures, myths, epic heroes and monsters is finite, just as our voices and styles are infinite. As writers, we sometimes find in the course of plotting a story that we read stories from someone else who came up with very similar ideas for their already published work(s). It is because of this, I continue to work against the truth stated in the title of this post, in order to produce unique stories. I feel in doing this, I can delve deeper into the recesses of my imagination, creativity and life experiences to produce my very own individual story. It is here that we begin to use our imagination to find a variation of the themes we draw from our life experiences and formulate creatively new and exciting takes on tried and true scenarios and themes. It is then that we brand our stories with distinctive twists and turns and imbue it with our own individual spirits and personalities.
As a writer, I’m constantly thinking up new story ideas and using my voice and style to tell the stories. All writers have their own unique voice and style, which separates them from other writers. When it comes to certain elements of storytelling, there are no new ideas. Often, writers of genre fiction ultimately come across elements in another author’s work that closely resembles their own. While this is a common phenomenon, it doesn’t mean that we can’t separate ourselves from other storytellers using similar scenarios and/or themes; it merely means we must work all the more harder at imparting our own essence into our work in order to make it exclusive to us.
Just as there are finite possibilities in regards to scenarios and themes, there is again something to be said for voice and style. I’ve read books that had such similar plots that if you broke it down to the bare essentials it could be the same book. However, what separated the books was the differences in how the authors delivered the story, developed the characters, and the language used to breathe life into the personalities of the characters. How we tell a story, and how much of ourselves we put into our works, is what sets us apart from other writers with similar ideas and themes.
Always remember the old Vulcan axiom from the Star Trek series, Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (IDIC), the philosophy which celebrates the vast array of possibilities and variables in the known universe. And while there are finite themes when stripped down to their essential cores, when we take into consideration the life experiences, imagination, voice and style of the storyteller, the possibilities are infinite. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Get Michael West's Poseidon's Children For Free Today and Tomorrow!

Get Poseidon's Children for Free Today and Tomorrow on Kindle!

Download the Kindle version of Poseidon's Children, Book One of the Legacy of the Gods series, for absolutely free today and tomorrow!

It is a special Kindle Free Day here at SSP, giving everyone a chance to try out a great urban fantasy eBook from a great author, Michael West.

Spread the link everywhere, on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and any other place where a post or link can be passed along.

The promotion will run from Wednesday, April 11th (beginning at midnight Pacific Time Zone in the USA), through Thursday, April the 12th. Don't wait, get your copy and let your social networks know about this offer!

Here's the link to copy and paste!

Synopsis of Poseidon's Children:

Man no longer worships the old gods; forgotten and forsaken, they have become nothing more than myth and legend. But all that is about to change. After the ruins of a vast, ancient civilization are discovered on the ocean floor, Coast Guard officers find a series of derelict ships drifting in the current--high-priced yachts and leaking fishing boats, all ransacked, splattered in blood, their crews missing and presumed dead.

And that's just the beginning.

Vacationing artist Larry Neuhaus has just witnessed a gruesome shark attack, a young couple torn apart right before his eyes ... at least, he thinks it was a shark. And when one of these victims turns out to be the only son of Roger Hays, the most powerful man in the country, things go from bad to worse. Now, to stop the carnage,Larry and his new-found friends must work together to unravel a mystery as old as time, and face an enemy as dark as the ocean depths.

And when you are done getting your free copy, visit the SSP eBook page to discover many more titles, from more Michael West such as Cinema of Shadows, to fantasy, urban fantasy, sword and sorcery, YA fantasy, epic fantasy, and other genres. Click here to visit the SSP eBook page with direct links to each title, none of which is over $2.99:

Thursday, April 5, 2012

25 Date Overkill Blog Tour and Cover Art Unveiled for Steven Shrewsbury's Latest Gorias La Gaul Adventure!

For Immediate Release
April 5, 2012

25 Date Overkill Blog Tour and Cover Art Unveiled for Steven Shrewsbury's Latest Gorias La Gaul Adventure!

Seventh Star Press is proud to unveil the cover art and illustrations created by award-winning artist Matthew Perry for Steven Shrewsbury's newest Gorias La Gaul novel, Overkill, as well as announce the dates and sites for the Overkill Blog Tour. A pre-order window for a limited edition hardcover is also being opened in advance of the book's official release.

(Illustration by Matthew Perry from the first edition of Overkill)

(Illustration by Matthew Perry from the first edition of Overkill)

The Overkill Tour is being hosted by Babs Book Bistro, and will feature 25 blog sites over 25 days, beginning April 20th and running through May 14th . The tour will feature a number of activities, from interviews, to reveiws, guest blog posts, and contests/giveaways.

Overkill is the second novel featuring the iconic sword and scorcery figure Gorias La Gaul, following the debut of the character in the novel Thrall, released in late 2010 from Seventh Star Press. Gorias La Gaul is also featured in two short stories, Author and Finisher of Our Flesh, and Insurmountable, both available in eBook format in the Blood and Steel: Legends of La Gaul collection in the Seventh Star Singles catalog.

The story told in Overkill takes place in an ancient time, before a great flood wiped clean the earth, destroying everything upon it. Before the deluge, in a time now forgotten, the world was a place of warriors and witches, conflicts between kingdoms, and, until their extermination, dragons.  In this world, men may live centuries, fallen angels have begotten terrifying spawn, and sometimes, the best hope can be found in a brothel.

In the land of Transalpina, a new religion spreads, and important men are dying mysteriously, slain by what can only be the fire of dragon breath.  Summoned by the Queen Garnet, the legendary warrior Gorias La Gaul returns to the place where he once saved the queen's young granddaughter from treachery and enslavement. The Princess Nykia is gone, and soon others may try to claim the throne.  The queen has little choice but to turn to the only man who ever told her no.

With the aid of one of the queen's elite guard, the battle maiden Alena, and the young palace servant Orsen, the old mercenary will face pirates and traitors, monsters and foul magic in the quest to find the missing heir and learn the truth behind the disconcerting murders.

Overkill will be released in softcover and Kindle versions during the third week of April. The novel is now available for pre-order in a beautiful hardcover edition that is strictly limited to 75 copies.

The limited hardcover edition will be signed and numbered by Steven Shrewsbury and includes a bonus illustration from Matthew Perry not included in other editions. It will be accompanied by an assortment of collectibles, including a set of glossy art cards, bookmarks, and magnets. The limited edition hardcovers will also be bundled with the eBook version (provided as a direct ePub file for users with Nooks, iPads, or Sony eReaders, and gifted as a Kindle file for Kindle users). Those interested in securing one of the 75 limited hardcovers can place a pre-order at:

The Overkill Blog Tour Dates and Participants Are As Follows:

April 20 Watch Play Read
April 21 SpecMusicMuse
April 22 Splash of Our Worlds
April 23 Edi's Book Lighthouse
April 24 Sci-Fi Guys Book Review
April 25 Jess Resides Here
April 26 Book Den
April 27 That Book Place Blog
April 28 Urban Fantasy Reviews
April 29 Evie Bookish
April 30 Eva's Sanctuary
May 1 Azure Dwarf Horde of Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 2 Darlene's Book Nook
May 3 Ginger Nuts of Horror
May 4 Ali's Bookshelf
May 5 The Magick Pen
May 6 Book and Movie Dimension Blog
May 7 The Cabin Goddess
May 8 Bee's Knees Reviews
May 9 I Smell Sheep
May 10 Once Upon A Time
May 11 Ritesh Kala's Book Review
May 12 Goatfairy Review Blog
May 13 Fantasy Book Review
May 14 Babs Book Bistro

Contact: C.C. James
Public Relations, Seventh Star Press
email: ccjames at

Seventh Star Press is a small press publisher of speculative fiction located in Lexington Kentucky